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Top 10 Tech Sites I Read Every Day

  1. TechCrunch – still the heavy weight champion when it comes to covering early stage Internet startups with an attitude. Still the best way to keep a pulse on what’s trending and what’s getting funded.
  2. Venture Beat – A slightly more grow up version of TechCrunch with a focus on venture backed companies and a lot less attitude.
  3. AllThingsD – True to its name, All Things Digital is the Wall Street Journal’s technology rag that covers a wide spectrum of technology news from early stage startups to the big guys like Microsoft.
  4. HackerNews – Y Combinator’s hard core startup up technology version of Digg, where articles from across the web are submitted and voted up.
  5. Pando Daily – Started by former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy, Pando Daily aims to be the new TechCrunch, attitude and all.  Investors include Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Tony Hsieh, Zach Nelson, Andrew Anker, Chris Dixon, Saul Klein, Josh Kopelman, Jeff Jordan and Matt Cohler, all investing as individuals. Also investing are a handful of seed funds including the CrunchFund (aka Michael Arrington), Greylock Discovery Fund, Accel’s Seed Fund, Menlo Ventures Talent Fund, Lerer Ventures, SV Angels (aka Ron Conway) and Ooga Labs.
  6. Mashable – all things social and technology news.
  7. Wired – an oldie, but a goodie, Wired still has some solid old school commentary on technology trends.
  8. FastCompany – This Web 1.0 darling has reinvented itself in the last few years. It is high on technology design and lifestyles. I particularly enjoy the section.
  9. AVC – Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, investors in Twitter, Foursquare, Etsy, and Zinga,has written over 5,000 posts over the last 10 years on his observations as a technology investor.
  10. BothSidesofTheTable - blog of two time entrepreneur and GRP Partners venture partner Mark Suster. Mark has some pretty strong opinions and likes to write long form, but his posts are always as insightful as they are throughout.


Bits - The Business of Technology by the New York Times.

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