Meetings Suck. But You Don’t Have to Suck At Them. Introducing

Meetings suck.  But you don’t have to suck at them, that’s our stance.

Recently, SalesCrunch released a cool infographic entitled Don’t Suck At Meetings that caught the attention of a whole lot of people.  Twitter was ablaze for the better part of a week after it was released on March 26th and several media outlets and bloggers craftedstories around the eye-opening figures we shared.

The infographic was based on more than 10,000 meetings hosted on SalesCrunch’s next-generation online meeting platform over a period of 18 months ending February 2012.  It was just a taste of the kind of customer-specific meeting data that SalesCrunch can capture and share with its business and enterprise customers.  Others may call it best practices.  We call it meeting intelligence.  If you still haven’t taken SalesCrunch’s online meeting platform for a test drive, we invite you to sign up for free before your next online presentation.  In the meantime, let’s have a little fun…

Introducing DontSuckAtMeetings

Our mission at SalesCrunch is to help our customers not suck at meetings.  To that end, we make a wealth of practical and customer-specific meeting intelligence available to our users.  At the same time, we want to have fun, and it wouldn’t be very nice to keep the fun to ourselves and not invite our customers along for the ride.

DontSuckAtMeetings has been created in the same vein as FMyLife, a popular community of users who share anecdotes about the unfortunate experiences that occur in life.  Similarly, DontSuckAtMeetings is for all the poor souls who have ever been subjected to excruciatingly boring, inefficient or downright humiliating meetings.  Considering that’s most of us, we think this could be a fun place to share our worst practices of meetings.  So, check out the site, tell your friends, colleagues and boss (if you want things to get better!) and be sure to followDontSuckAtMeetings on Facebook and @dontsuckat on Twitter to get a laugh everytime you login to those communities.  (Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are automatically populated with the best posts.)


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  • Sean Black