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Conference Whores

I was in San Francisco last week at the Sales 2.0 Conference while a kajillion people from the Silicon Alley & Silicon Valley tech community were in Austin for South By Southwest, or SXSW as it is BoonDoogle BBQwildly known.  There was even a dedicated website of meetups and parties started by the New York tech community to make sure all the cool people could find each other.   Hashable not only threw a party, but made the event an all expense paid vacation for 15 of its most active users. No doubt this was in addition to weeks of planning and flying in a large contingent of its own employees to manage the whole thing. You can be sure something like that easily cost $100,000.  I had conference envy to be sure. Complete with live music, film stars, rock stars, naked arrests and parties galore, SXSW seems soooo much more interesting than a sales conference.  I started to feel anxiety about having chosen the wrong conference. I mean, if all the (other) cool tech startups were investing so much time and money into SXSW then there must be tons of potential customers and press there to be had right? Oh crap, I had made the wrong choice hadn’t I?

Boondoggle definitionThen my boy Mark Suster came through with a post on Both Sides of the Table from the trenches of SXSW with his 10 10 tips on basically how not to become a conference whore that relieved me of all my anxiety.  After reading his post I was super charged that while the rest of the tech scene was getting its grove on at SXSW me and Stammy at Notifo were hard at work stealing their customers.   Sales 2.0 turned about to be full of tons of potential big accounts and partners for my company. So while I am following up with them, most folks that went to SXSW are either still in Austin or are trying to sleep off the consequences.

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