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How to Write a Search Engine Friendly Blog Post

Here is a super simple Sunday tip on how to make the titles of your blog posts, and the posts themselves, a little easier to find for people searching relevant topics on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Go to the free Google Keyword Tool in AdWords and type in the subject of what you are writing about. It will give you a list of permutations on what people actually type when looking for that topic ranked from the most searched terms to the least searched terms each month. You want to use the most searches words and phrases in the title and the body of your post when relevant and appropriate.

For example, when I wrote How to Choose a Venture Capital Investor, I searched Venture Capital and found that “how to venture capital” gets searched 2,240,000 times a monthly globally.  I made sure that phrase was in my title and the body of the post. I also noted other variations and included them in the post as well.

When I wrote What’s the Difference Between a Leader and a Manager, I found the below terms:

I am no SEO expert and I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I learned this little tip on the SEOMoz blog, which is chock full of amazing SEO and SEM tips.  They are experts, so read that if you want to dig deeper.

23 more posts to go in my 30 posts in 30 days challenge.

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