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Mission Critical Apps Are Hard

When considering what kind of company to start or app to build, think twice before building something that is mission critical to your customers. Building software is hard and nothing works perfectly all of the time. In fact, as soon you get your app to work perfectly you will add new features and functionality, which inevitably causes regression.  Regression is software speak for you will likely break something that previous worked just fine.  It’s frustrating if Evernote doesn’t work when you want to take a note in a meeting, but its catastrophic if Dropbox loses your presentation 15 minutes before meeting with your single largest client.

I mentioned in this previous post that we never intended to get into the online meeting space at SalesCrunch. We did it because we could not think of a better way to literally get into customer facing conversations and measure what works. In fact, it’s not about the meetings themselves, but the wealth of knowledge shared in meetings that has never before been captured or analyzed that we care about. Unfortunately, we needed to build a better, smarter, mission critical meeting application that our customers use with their customers in order to give them valuable intelligence in return.   The good news is that every day we build a pretty defensible wall behind us to keep the competition out. The challenge is that we have very little room for mistakes.  If we had it to do over again, we might think twice before building something with so little forgiveness.

18 more posts to go in my 30 posts in 30 days challenge.

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